LombaXMonday N° 5 – links and resources from the IT World

What is this? Every day I read a lot of articles about computer programming and languages, infrastructures, new technologies, quick tips, trends, architectures and so on. I read them immediately or put in my “read later” list. All my readings helped me to grow and learn new things…so why don’t share them with my readers? For this reason, I decided to publish and share, every monday, a list of the links I came accross during the past days.

Inspect and inject HTTP/HTTPS requests with mitmproxy – link

Mitmproxy is an useful tool for web developers. It permits to inspect web requests (https requests to) acting as a middleware between your browser and the final url. Yes, modern browser inspectors gives us the inspection functionalities without installing anything, but mitmproxy permits you to block/pause the requests and inject/change the content manually. You can add filters on specific words/patterns in the request (url, cookies and so on), and then mitmproxy will block the request and wait for your input. Then, you will be able to change the request content. This is useful expecially when debugging complex request/response flows: you will be able to do all the flow via browser, and then add a “breakpoint” only when needed. Cool

Cloud Computing comes at a price – link

Short story of a startup that forgot that “pay per use” is not always as cheap as it seems…expecially if you don’t make correct planning

That’s all for today’s LombaXMonday, if you liked it, have any question or want to let me know that this article sucks, don’t hesitate to add a comment 🙂

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