LombaXMonday N° 6 – links and resources from the IT World

What is this? Every day I read a lot of articles about computer programming and languages, infrastructures, new technologies, quick tips, trends, architectures and so on. I read them immediately or put in my “read later” list. All my readings helped me to grow and learn new things…so why don’t share them with my readers? For this reason, I decided to publish and share, every monday, a list of the links I came accross during the past days.

JQ, an useful tool for handling JSON – link and link

JQ is a very useful command line tool for handling JSON.
It permits you to extract parts of a JSON using a simple syntax.

Look at this example

If you want to take the Title and the Acronym (and change their name):

curl 'https://www.lombax.it/documents/json.json' | jq '.glossary | {MyTitle: .title, MyAcronym: .GlossDiv.GlossList.GlossEntry.Acronym}'

Explore utf8mb4 performance in the new MySQL 8.0 (not yet released) – link

MySQL 8.0 is in the last phases of the development process and it brings a lot of new features. One of this is an huge increase in performances even using the news utf8mb4 encoding.

HTTPS on StackOverflow – link

Implementing HTTPS on a website may seem simple and straightforward. But what happens when you manage the world biggest Q&A site with hundreds of domains?
Enjoy this (long but good) post by Nick Craver

That’s all for today’s LombaXMonday, if you liked it, have any question or want to let me know that this article sucks, don’t hesitate to add a comment 🙂

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