LombaXMonday N° 9 – links and resources from the IT World

What is this? Every day I read a lot of articles about computer programming and languages, infrastructures, new technologies, quick tips, trends, architectures and so on. I read them immediately or put in my “read later” list. All my readings helped me to grow and learn new things…so why don’t share them with my readers? For this reason, I decided to publish and share, every monday, a list of the links I came accross during the past days.

What is Branch Prediction – link

An impressive explanation of what is branch prediction and how knowing it could help us to write more efficient code. Read the whole question and the accepted answer, it’s worth it

Distributed JWT Token Cracker – link

A tool written in Javascript by Luciano Mammino (more info in the link), for cracking JWT Token via bruteforce. This tool is distributed, it means that you can publish a server (take track of the job) and as many client as you want, to increase the cpu power.

How to fix npm broken dependencies – link

You are using a fantastic npm dependency but…there is a bug. And you can’t modify the source in the node_modules because at every npm install/update you lose your modifications? Don’t worry, this tool will save your life (personally, I prefer to fork and update the dependency directly on Github…but “de gustibus”)


That’s all for today’s LombaXMonday, if you liked it, have any question or want to let me know that this article sucks, don’t hesitate to add a comment 🙂

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