Fabio Lombardo has been working for over 10 years in the Information Technology. Now it’s the IT Manager of Logotel SPA and works as a consultant for other Italian companies.

With a strong passion in technologies and mobile, skills that goes from the system administration to the software development, experiences in the VOIP and traditional telephone systems, and several years of work as an entrepreneur, Fabio Lombardo is available for expert advices and project design.

This is a continuously updating list of the topics that you can ask for an expert advice

- Project design and maintenance of small-medium sized networks (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)

- Hosting/housing, Mailserver, Webserver, Database server, Fileserver management

- Project Management for web and application development

- Software development (strong skills in Objective C and Swift for OSX and iOS App development, PHP-HTML-Javascript-JQuery for web development)

- Virtualization (VMWare)

- Traditional and VOIP phone systems (Avaya, Elmeg, Panasonic, Mitel)

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Please, for any question or problem with my iOS Apps (FileSafe and FuelTracker Pro) write me an e-mail, don’t use the comments.